Our Leadership

Hello! I hail from Edmonton, Alberta, and I am so pleased to be finding myself raising a family and serving in the church here in my hometown. I have rural roots as a farm kid, and I am continually discovering how growing up with the vast expanse of prairie sky and spending time in silence on the land has shaped my spirituality and relationship with God. I started out my journey as a priest in the Diocese of Toronto, and have served here in Edmonton in various capacities since 2005 while welcoming two sons, Sam and Liam, into the world. I pursued an academic career in theological literature, and then a nursing career in my younger days before finally accepting that it was holy orders I was called to, and I now see a beautiful convergence of those strands of spirituality, medicine, faith, and academic life here at St. George’s. I am exceedingly grateful for that. I’m married to Quinn, who is also an Anglican Priest, and who serves in Edmonton’s urban core. My passion in ministry is to encourage people to experience their unique belovedness as a child of God, and to explore ways that the Body of Christ can walk in humility, grace, and compassion with all people. 

For those friends I haven’t yet met I am Rev Sheila the Honorary Assistant here at Saint George’s. Prior to ordination to the priesthood in 2004 I used my Nursing Degree to practice as a mental health practitioner for many years. I was Executive Director of a family and employee assistance service agency in Fort MacMurray. My last secular role was as a content expert in the implementation of a modernized programmer for employees and families of CN Rail National. In the 1980’s I suffered for several years from some severe medical issues.  It was in-house times of dependency that I came to know that the God of love inhabits my very cells. When many were retiring I was being “re’tried” to serve in the church I joined in my early 20’s.  I have lived a life of adventure, thankfulness and joy ever since even in the dark hours of loss I know that I am never alone.  Since coming to St.George’s after several years of parish and Interim Ministry I have primarily served in adult education.  My greatest joy is in walking with groups and individuals in Spiritual Companionship and seeing the scales fall from the eyes of one who has come to ‘”know” that All things Belong and that they are beloved of God. In my spare time I love to speak and read about Progressive Christianity and Celtic spirituality. I love my adult children (2)  who are also wonderful friends. Many wonderful souls have been companions on my journey. At heart, I am a Wisdom Seeker. Shalom to each of you..