Children’s Ministry

We are so excited to have a growing number of children as a part of our congregation and we are actively working to make St. George’s a safe and sacred space for children, and their parents to develop their faith within the community. We have a child friendly area at the front of the church for children to gather and play with soft toys or colour with a parent or guardian. This area is meant to encourage children to be an active part of worship in an age appropriate way, while helping to form and shape their spirituality in the act of common worship. We also have stations of prayer and reflection posted at various points around the church for parents to read and reflect upon as they walk and cuddle their young.

We also have seasonal gatherings called “Messy Church” where we get creative together, and services called “All Ages Liturgies” that involve all generations worshiping together. Children read, offer the prayers, and lead as much as they are able in these services.