Worship Sunday 10am

We aim for joy and gravity at St. George’s: worship exists to bring us closer to the God who loves us and who has chosen our humanity as a dwelling place through which to move and act in the world. We give thanks for this amazing truth, and take a moment to consider what this means for our lives each Sunday morning. Music, prayer, reflection, and the sacrament of holy communion are the means by which we encounter the mystery of who God is, and yet also God’s immanence among us.

Our worship follows the Anglican tradition that you’ll experience in an Anglican church where ever you go in the world: we call it the liturgy (“work of the people”) of the Word, which is followed by the liturgy of the Sacrament (holy communion, in which the ordinary items of bread and wine become means by which we take in the spiritual presence of Christ.

This all exists to help us love God, love one another, and love ourselves. Music is held in very high value here, and you’ll experience something beautiful each time you visit. We offer weekly Sunday school for kids aged 3-12. You can join us online and in person! Our link to online worship is here:

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