Experience God through the Created World Retreat Day

The summer and fall of 2024 features opportunities to enrich our spirituality and faith as we determine how to adapt to the increasing complexity and immediacy of the climate crisis. What do these times call out of us? We believe that developing a spirituality that makes room for courage, humility, and relationship is one way we can adapt to our changing world and to navigate competing ideologies that are driving people and communities apart.

Our first gathering will be a retreat at the Canaan Prayer Gardens near Millet, Alberta, on Saturday June 22, 2024.

We’ll leave the church at 9:15am, and arrive at the gardens at about 10am. We’ll stay for about 3 hours and arrive back in Edmonton at approximately 2pm. Please contact the church office at 780-439-1470 or stgeorges@telus.net if you’d like to come!