Sunday Morning Worship

Hello there,

May you know the peace and grace of Christ in this time. I send this email out with prayers that you experience the presence of God in whatever ways your life requires greater peace, rest in the places that you need it, animation in the places your soul requires inspiration, and a deeper knowledge and trust in your own beloved-ness in God’s sight. 
We’ve been travelling with Luke lately, and there’s a beautiful message embedded throughout this gospel: “Nothing is impossible with God”.  There is a rich and robust dovetailing with Paul’s message to the Galatians about Jesus making everyone “one”. 
 Tomorrow is National Indigenous People’s Day, and it is Juneteenth for our neighbours to the South. It is Father’s Day, and it is also Pride month. 
Perhaps one of these things is deeply meaningful for you, and perhaps you do not align yourself with any of what the above realities represent in terms of how you move and exist in the world. We all show something beautiful about who God is.
We love a Saviour who is fully God and fully human in each of these ways of being and living — who has thrown his arms open wide enough that all are contained and held and loved. We are all part of the family of God. Tomorrow we will consider: what does it mean to be companions with a God who speaks love, grace, mercy, and tenderness into our hearts, into history, and into the future we are building? Our Scriptures tomorrow illuminate the note of grace that travels through God’s stories and our own lives, our own cultural families, and the lenses through which we recognize ourselves in the world. 
If you are still reading, thanks for making it this far. Y’all got a bit of a mini sermon in this email. If you can’t already tell, I am so excited to explore who God is with you! 

yours, Maddie