We are so excited to have a growing number of children as a part of our congregation and we are actively working to make St. George’s a safe and sacred space for children, and their parents, to develop their faith within the community.

When you arrive, you will find a large area at the front of the church for children to gather.  This area is meant to encourage children to be an active part of worship, while allowing them space to move about and play. We also have stations of prayer and reflection posted at various points around the church for parents to read and reflect upon as they walk and cuddle their young.

On the 3rd Sunday of every month, the children will stay in church for a special service called Gathered Together that will allow them to interact creatively with the rest of the congregation. The hope in this service is that children (and adults) will see how they can be a part of the larger worshipping community in their own unique way.

If you are interested in baptism or confirmation for your children, please contact the priest at 780-439-1470.

If Sunday mornings don’t work for you, we will also meet for monthly events that will focus on developing community, what it means to raise children with faith, and fun events to celebrate the seasons of the church.

Come and join in the fun and learning!