Summer! – Aug 31 / Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Worship – 8:00 & 10:00am Sundays
Coffee fellowship hour – 11:15am Sundays
FREE! U-student supper – 6:00pm Sundays
Worship Room Eucharist – 7:00pm Sundays

Aug. 2, 3, 4 – Heritage Days -  Lemonade at St. George’s, 2-6 pm – we served 1800!

Ready for Growth
After the morning service on Trinity Sunday, June 15, we gathered in prayer
to plant a choke-cherry tree on St. George’s front lawn,
as a sign of our church’s commitment to renewal of our relationship with aboriginals.

This is our summer season, with the choir and Bible Study groups taking a break, and with our Sunday School adopting its relaxed summer style. Everyone is welcome to join in our celebrations each Sunday: 8:00am, 10:00am and 7:00pm (Worship Room)…

Music for our summer services will offer the treat of more vocal solos by our Music Director, Cedric Abday, added to his powerful organ playing… and the introduction of new hymns for us to learn from him and sing – strengthened by the voices of our choir dispersed through the congregation!

The Wednesday Eucharists and Bible Study will resume on September 11, continuing the study of Desmond Tutu’s book “God Has a Dream“.


WeekDayFaith: 40 Days with Jesus

St. George’s is trying something new for Lent. WeekDayFaith is a blog that is for busy people on the go, who want to find ways to make time for God in the middle of everything else that is vying for their attention. You can read it over your morning cup of coffee, on the bus or train to work, on your lunch break, or whenever it is most convenient. Take a break to focus, to rest, to learn, or to be inspired. God can do a lot in us, even in 5 minutes! Come have a look, and join us for the first 40 days…